Nicolai Astrup Wiik

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Nico approaches every new project with an abundance of positive energy and is particuarly happy when developing memorable characters, situations and stories. Growing up in a family of actors, Nico developed a deep fascination for storytelling. This interest led him to pursue a BA in History at Harvard University, dedicating his time to the narratives of the past. While in college, Nico participated in performances as an actor and stand-up entertainer, as well as creative writer. A competitive soul, Nico spent 10 years as a professional and college-league athlete in rowing, participating in four world championships and earning several Norwegian and American national titles.

Nico’s obsessive attention to detail has earned him a thorough understanding of the nuts and bolts of filmmaking. He is tech-savvy and possesses a keen eye for edgy humor.

Be advised... do not to challenge Nico to a game of Trivial Pursuit!