Fanny Ovesen

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Fanny Ovesen's curiosity for people led her to study social sciences and film directing with a dedication to challenge stereotypes and let all types of faces, bodies and personalities shine on the screen. After being accepted at The Norwegian Film School, Fanny quickly made a name for herself in the international festival curcuit, co-writing and co-directing the short film SMIL which was screened at festivals across Europe.

Her graduation film from film school, SHE-PACK, premiered internationally at the Berlinale in 2019 and won numerous awards worldwide - among them the Amanda Award for Best Norwegian Short.

In 2018 Fanny won the Nordic Talents pitch prize for her upcoming feature LAURA, and was later awarded the Swedish Film Institute’s pilot support Wild Card.

In 2019 she was awarded the Swedish 'Anna prize' for the project’s relevance to the UN Women’s Convention.Fanny is a director with an exceptional talent for creating captivating and realistic characters whom we can easily recognise and identify with.